What does Consciously Sourced mean?

We at Happily Zen believe it is important to preserve the environment & are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. What's the point in producing a range of self-care products that is harmful for our environment.

Conscious consumerism is when buying practices are driven by a commitment to making purchasing decisions that have a positive social, economic & environmental impact. 

But, the easiest way to remember what conscious consumerism is that we “think before we buy”.  

Our approach is to spend a lot of time investigating the companies we do business with. This allows us to build complete trust that products are being consciously sourced & sustainable business practices are being met.

Before doing business with potential suppliers, we ensure that their business practices follow fair trade, safety regulations, environmental sustainability & are generally respecting the Earth and all it's inhabitants. 

Where possible we are using compostable, biodegradable & recyclable packaging supplies. Such as: compostable mail satchels, recycled card stock, recycled tissue paper, compostable bubble wrap & compostable packaging peanuts etc.

We do come across a lot of bubble wrap & plastic packaging when importing from our suppliers. Instead of us throwing this out, we re-use all of it when packaging our wholesale orders to our own stockists.

Our shipping carriers Australia Post & Sendle are carbon neutral, meaning they offset their emissions from every domestic parcel sent.

We donate $1 from every order to SecondBite who rescues & redistributes wasted food that would otherwise be wasted in landfill & distribute it to local charities & non-profits around Australia. At the same time, they are helping divert thousands of tonnes of good food from landfill every year, preventing millions of kg of greenhouse gas emissions.  

While we are making every effort to minimise our waste, we ask that our customers will also help support the environment by recycling, composting & repurposing our candle jars, diffusers & disposing of any waste appropriately.

Compostable packaging has many benefits, including that it can be treated like organic waste & therefore, decompose naturally just like organic matter. When compostable packaging is discarded in the organic waste stream as compost, it will fully decompose within 6 months into a natural fertilizer for soil & plants.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information on how to environmentally dispose your packaging products.