Our Story

Hello and welcome to our small business, Happily Zen. My name is Christine and I am a proud mum of one, a wife and a social worker, living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

I launched Happily Zen when I thought it was about time that I took a leap of faith and simply combine my passion for self-care and wellbeing with my son's intrigue and love of crystals. I wanted to create a range of beautiful natural products that will help others find their 'Zen'.
Our Mission
I understand that life can be hectic and its difficult to find time for self-care especially with everything we have to juggle in life. So it was really important to me to create a wide range of wellbeing products designed to support you with your journey to Zen. It might just be for a few precious moments when you take a few deep breaths lighting your candle to running a bath with our nurturing bath salts, or meditating with your favourite crystal.
Happily Zen's Instagram page is about empowering and uplifting others. It's not just about our products but about creating a space to share wellbeing information, ideas and thought starters. The main goal of our socials is to create a community of like minded individuals. So if you have not following jump onto Instagram and check it out.

Oh, I must mention - I am now an absolute crystal lover thanks to my son! If I could only choose three crystals it would be Carnelian (courage, motivation and to trust myself), Pink Crazy Lace (happiness, confidence and self-worth) and Howlite (patience, peaceful, calming, clear communication). What about you?

With Gratitude; Christine XO