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Affirmations for Every Day #596

Affirmations for Every Day #596

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This beautiful book is filled with simple tips and affirmations to help you feel calm and confident every day.

An affirmation or mantra is a short phrase that focuses your attention. Whether you want to inspire confidence, a sense of calm or a positive mindset within yourself, they are a powerful way to declare your intentions and set yourself on track.

Along with a beautiful selection of words from writers and thinkers and 40 inspiring mantras, within these pages, you will find a raft of simple but effective tips to help you master the art of affirmations, including:

  • How to write an effective affirmation
  • Using affirmations to achieve your goals
  • Ways to cultivate an open and positive mindset

Just a few words said with purpose can give you the inner strength that will last all day. Tap into this power with the guidance in this book and allow these words to inspire you on your life’s journey.


Size: A6

Format: Hardback

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