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Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit

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Do you love your candles?

If so then our Candle Care Kits are the perfect accessory to ensure a prolonged candle life.

Our Happily Zen Candle Care Kit includes the tools you need to help improve candle safety & to ensure an even, long-lasting burn for the life of your candle.

Our Candle Care Kit comes with three important & functional tools:

Wick Trimmer
Candle wicks should be trimmed regularly & before each use, to ensure a clean burning candle & helps prevent soot from forming on the glass. Our wick trimmer has a beveled inside edge which allow for a clean cut every time. 

Candle Snuffer
An essential candle accessory. The candle snuffer safely extinguishes the candle & removes the risk of blowing or spilling wax onto yourself or your furniture.

Candle Dipper
The perfect multi-purpose tool for the candle owner. It can be used to clean the edge of the vessel, to stand the wick straight & to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.

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