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Love Crystal Kit

Love Crystal Kit

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Crystals can play a part in strengthening the love & passion that is around you. Designed specifically for when you need a little extra love, confidence & passion.

These crystals have been carefully handpicked for to help you connect with your own self love.

Rose Quartz - Promotes unconditional love

Rhodonite - Encourages self-love, generosity & happiness

Garnet - Fills your life with passion & inspiration

Jade - Increases trust & love 

Turquoise - Promotes passion, romance, spontaneity & fun.

Clear Quartz - Natural amplifier

The beautiful set includes:

Soft white Happily Zen bag to store your crystals in 

Information card about each crystals properties

Information card about cleansing, recharging & setting intentions

Please note slight variations in each set in terms of colour, texture, size etc. due to the nature of the product.

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