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Obsidian Mirror #301

Obsidian Mirror #301

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An Obsidian Mirror is a beautiful tool to encourage you to pause & reflect.

Hold the Obsidian Mirror in your hands and gaze into it to see your reflection on its surface. Without judging, what do you see? Observe what thoughts & feelings come up for you during your self-reflection. Jot your thoughts down & perhaps it will encourage you to act on your thoughts or let them go.

Obsidian helps with:

  • Absorbing negative energies from your environment.
  • Encouraging exploration of the unknown & opening new horizons.
  • Bringing clarity to your mind & clears confusion.
  • Promoting compassion & strength.

Your mirror will come with a stand, a crystal care card & a QR code that will direct you to our Crystalpedia which is full of information about your crystal, including related affirmation.


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