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Peace & Tranquility Crystal Kit

Peace & Tranquility Crystal Kit

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Allow the kit to infuse peace and tranquility into all areas of your life. Crystals have the ability to make you feel calm without even trying.

These crystals have been carefully handpicked for their calming promoting properties.

Lepidolite - Supports sleep and relaxation

Jade - Brings harmony and soothes your mind

Amethyst - Promotes tranquility, peace and emotional equilibrium

Rose Quartz - Carries a peaceful energy

Sodalite - Brings inner peace and clears confusion

Clear Quartz - Natural amplifier

The beautiful set includes:

Soft white Happily Zen bag to store your crystals in 

Information card about each crystals properties

Information card about cleansing, recharging and setting intentions

Please note slight variations in each set in terms of colour, texture, size etc. due to the nature of the product.

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