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Selenite & Blue Kyanite Pendant #521

Selenite & Blue Kyanite Pendant #521

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Wear your Selenite and Kyanite pendant when you need to align your chakras and cleanse your space.

Blue Kyanite helps with:

  • Aligning your chakras 
  • Expressing your thoughts freely
  • Calming your mind 
  • Releasing pent-up emotions 

Selenite helps with:

  • Uplifting your spirits
  • Removing unwanted energy and replace with light and positive energy
  • Promoting self-love
  • Stabilising your emotions
  • Cleansing and amplifying your crystals 

Size: 3cm

Your pendant will come in a soft white Happily Zen bag with a crystal care card and a QR code that will direct you to our Crystalpedia which is full of information about your crystal, including related affirmation.

Please note that the pendant is silver plated so please keep out of water and not in contact with creams, perfumes oils etc.

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