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Selenite Heart - Intuitively Chosen

Selenite Heart - Intuitively Chosen

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Known as 'liquid light', Selenite can be used to cleanse & recharge your crystals. Unlike other crystals Selenite doesn't need to be charged. It absorbs negative energy & ejects it upwards making it a wonderful tool for keeping your crystals cleansed & charged.

Selenite helps with:

  • Uplifting your spirits
  • Removing unwanted energy & replace with light & positive energy
  • Promoting self-love
  • Stabilising your emotions

Your heart will come with a crystal care card & a QR code that will direct you to our Crystalpedia which is full of information about your crystal, including related affirmation.

Please note crystal are a natural stone & therefore there will be variations in each crystal in terms of colour, texture, size etc. due to the nature of the product.

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