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Sodalite and Clear Quartz Reed Diffuser

Sodalite and Clear Quartz Reed Diffuser

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Infuse positive vibes and intentions while filling your space with a beautiful fragrance with our Sodalite and Clear Quartz Reed Diffuser.

This gorgeous diffuser is 200ml and comes with 2 sets reeds (5 white and 5 black) and your choice of screw top caps - white, black, gold or silver.

Sodalite helps with:

  • Calming your mind
  • Encouraging open communication and positive self-expression
  • Resolving and releasing past hurts and encouraging you to begin to trust life again
  • Accessing your inner wisdom

Clear Quartz helps with:

  • Amplifies other crystals healing properties
  • Supporting you in creating a vision for your life
  • Setting and achieving new goals
  • Encouraging you to live to your full potential
  • Boosting your energy and flow 

Your diffuser come with a crystal care card and a QR code that will direct you to our Crystalpedia which is full of information about your crystal, including related affirmation.

Please refer to our Product Tips and Tricks page for list of fragrant descriptions.

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