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The Chakra Fix -A Modern Guide to Cleansing Balancing and Healing #732

The Chakra Fix -A Modern Guide to Cleansing Balancing and Healing #732

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The Chakra Fix is a solutions-led guide to contemporary chakra healing, balancing and cleansing that unblocks energy and answers everyday problems. Awaken your healing power with The Chakra Fix, a contemporary guide to finding your flow, unlocking positive energy and living a high-vibe life. The chakras are connecting, radiating cores that map out the energy within us, and our potential.

Focusing on the seven major chakras, this book shows you how to locate, nurture and activate these untapped sources for optimal wellbeing in your daily life. Find out what each chakra represents, how these connect with the emotional, physical and spiritual self - and follow simple but effective exercises to transform the health of each.

Designed to answer everyday anxieties and concerns, author Juliette Thornbury offers cleansing meditations, healing rituals and nourishing practices to aid each chakra and enhance your self-care. Start by tuning into the chakras to ascertain how you feel, then discover the cause and find your fix for any number of problems, from combating fatigue and alleviating stress to sparking creativity and finding self-compassion.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced energy healer, The Chakra Fix offers you a renewed sense of self and harmonious energy to heal and flourish

About the Author

Juliette Thornbury first created Luminosity Crystals in 2015 from the hills behind Byron Bay, Australia. An idea based around her hope to share a little bit of the magic and wonder that Mother Earth consistently provides, Luminosity Crystals has now grown into a thriving online shop, renowned for its sustainable and high-quality sourcing, and a dedicated community. Juliette handpicks each and every crystal for the store carefully for beauty, meaning, and energy. She is passionate about stocking not only the highest-quality specimens, but also the most beautiful and unique. Juliette knows that each and every stone has its own story and, with its unique healing properties, can be a powerful assistant to its owner in their wellness journey - whatever that may be. 

Pages: 176

Size: 17x23cm

Published: 16th March 2022

Format: Hardcover

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