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Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Pillow #255

Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Pillow #255

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Our Weighted Eye Pillows are designed to create a weighted soothing sensation when placed over your eyes. Perfect for your yoga or meditation practice or a tool to promote relaxation, it's a wonderful addition to your self-care journey.

Handmade by Happily Zen, the weighted eye pillow provides a gentle weight with the a mix of lavender & flaxseed. They completely block out light & provides a soothing acupressure to tired facial & eye muscles.

Reusable, made with soft cotton fabric, filled with flaxseed, lavender essential oil &  dried lavender.

For a aromatherapy treat: Simply rub the pillow vigorously, inhale the beautiful fragrance, place the pillow on your eyes & find your Zen.

For a cool treat: Place in a container or zip lock bag in your freezer for minimum of 2 hours.

Size: 11x21cm Approx.

Weight: 220g Approx.

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